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University of Haryana Introduces Fee Relaxation Policy

BBA CET 2021

Amidst the Covid-19 situation, the University of Haryana introduces Fee Relaxation Policy for all the needy students. Isn’t it great? As we all know Covid-19 is making the situation so terrible that it is becoming difficult to just survive.

Between all of this chaos, the University of Haryana introduced Fee Waiver policy is such a thoughtful initiative for all the scholars.

What Is Actually Fee Waiver Policy?

According to this policy, up to 50 per cent of tuition will be reimbursed to economically weaker students. And, 100 per cent fee waiver or refund will be granted to the students who are facing extreme situations of poverty or illness.

Haryana University
J.C Bose University, Haryana
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How To Apply?

  • Students who seek a fee refund can apply in the format available at the University website through the concerned Chairperson.
  • Chairperson would further forward the same to the DSW office with his proposals.
  • Once, the application is received, the committee of Dean Student Welfare and a few more will examine the student’s assertion and submit the request of the respective student to the Vice-Chancellor for the last authorization.

What Else?

Not only this, but the University of Haryana has also given a rebate of Rs. 447 as a rebate to students in the fee. This is just to encourage the students to be more active in the online classes and so that they have more participation. 

The rebate of Rs. 149 monthly would be continued until the situation gets normalized.

Instalment Method || University Of Haryana introduces Fee Relaxation Policy

The university is taking all possible measures to provide relief to their students. The fee rules have also been eased! To pay their fees, students can now do this in two instalments. And if anyone has a problem in paying 2 instalments he/she can instead pay in 3 instalments. 

Now, don’t you think that every university, college, school, and even tuition centres, must adopt some measures to solace the students as well as their parents who undergo so much pressure to pay the fees of their child?

We must always consider the situation and then change ourselves accordingly. 

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