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Parents Expectations And Academic Pressure

Parents Expectations And Academic Pressure: A Major Cause Of Stress Among Students

The society that we live in has high regard for academic excellence. Those who fail to meet up to the expectations often face harsh criticism which creates self-doubts about their abilities and intelligence. With a cut-throat competitive world out there, Students are constantly pushed to the edge by their parents to build a bright future and succeed in life.

However, the enormous pressure on the students not only hinders their growth and learning but leads to increased stress and anxiety.

The situation is worsened by the education system of our country which only focuses on learning. where instead of facilitating a child’s growth and development, the entire focus remains on performance in the exams.

Growing expectations of parents coupled with academic pressure have led to increased stress levels in today’s students are leaving them vulnerable to severe depression and suicidal tendencies.

Parental Pressure

The future of a child is the biggest concern to a parent. Since the educational institutes in our country are always on the lookout for the brightest and best students to maintain their reputation, parents feel compelled to raise the bar too high for their students to match up to the standards. Parents nowadays are too concerned about how the world would perceive their students which in turn results in parental pressure.

The idea of excellence and success is often generalized by parents based on how others are performing. Apart from academics, children are also bogged down by rising expectations in various areas where they have their own interests like sports, music, arts, etc. Hence, without giving care to the wholesome development of a student, parents keep on pushing the boundaries that ultimately leads to stress, disappointment, anxiety, and suicides.

Academic stress

Children don’t get a say on what they want to become or on what they want to focus on more, studies or sports or music or anything. they are expected to be robots. The school education system in India is textbook oriented where the focus remains on systematic long hours of study every day and rote memorization. The elaborate study routines leave little time for recreation and socialization. On top of that, there is high competition against peers to perform better and outscore. From school-level to high school life to getting admission to tertiary institutions, students experience academic stress every step of their way. Undeniably, the constant academic stress takes a toll on the mental health of the students.

What can be done to limit stress among students?
  • Teachers can educate their students about the importance of time management that can considerably reduce stress. They should allow flexible due dates to submit the assignments. Not only will this reduce stress but also keep them motivated to deliver their work
  • Teachers should put in the effort to encourage laughter and humor in the classroom. At times, they can share incidences related to their own childhood with the students to strengthen the bond
  • Teachers should acknowledge the effort of every student instead of discouraging them
  • Parents should instigate positive thinking and good lifestyle habits in students. A healthy lifestyle coupled with good eating and sleeping habits can considerably reduce stress
  • Be it in academics, sports, or any other area, parents should always embrace a child’s imperfections and mistakes. They need to teach their children that failure is part of the success
  • Society should allow a student to choose his own life.

In this age where a decimal point can be a deciding factor in one’s life, there is a dire need to address the issues of parenting expectations and academic stress. We must work as a cohesive unit to conduct deeper analysis and wider studies to understand the obstacles and devise specific plans to reduce the burden on the youngsters.

And let them focus on anything they want. Obviously, elders guide is needed but let them choose their life. give them the freedom to be more than a learning robot. Support them.

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