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No Answers On Mode Of Exams, GGSIPU Students Concerned

It’s already the end of November and exams are in no time yet students haven’t received any information about the mode of examination from the GGSIPU university.

Everyone is stressed during this time and instead of helping students out, University is creating more and more confusion. There is no information provided regarding the examination, No answers are given to students. With all this going on how are they expected to concentrate on their studies or score for exams. Or how to even start preparing.

Colleges are being harsh on students, first with the burden of online classes and countless assignments and now for final exams, they are not being general.

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Education is one of the few sectors badly affected by COVID-19. In India, Many examinations are affected by the COVID-19 induced lockdown. It is a hard time to cope up with but we have to manage what we have now as we all know postponing exams,  holding our careers in between is not a great solution anymore. Keeping everyone’s health in mind, not only students but also invigilators and teachers who will check papers, online exams would be most preferable if the students can manage with technology. Conducting offline exams is a huge risk to all and obviously should not be considered as an option.

Conducting offline exams at such a time would be a very irresponsible step. Student’s and Teacher’s health should be a top priority for the university at this point in time and information regarding examination should be provided to all as soon as possible as exams now are above our head and we all need a clear mind to prepare.

GGSIPU University is not informing anything to students, They should answer all the confusion of the students and declare the mode of examination. All of us are waiting for the university to respond and give all the details. We all hope whatever decision they would come up with would be in student’s favor keeping everyone’s safety in mind.

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