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What is Management Quota In IP University: All You Need To Know.

Management Quota in IP University

“Got an admission through management quota in IP University.”

Have you heard this statement? Do you know the reason for this claim? Is Management Quota in IP University legal? Well, it certainly is.

With students trying their best to score big and get admission into a prestigious college, some students succumb to the pressure.

Management Quota might just be a way to get into one of your favourite colleges. Or is it not? Let’s see the ins and outs of the management quota in IP University.

What is Management Quota in GGSIPU?

Management Quota in GGSIPU is the mechanism by which students can get admission to a college directly.

The scheme applies to private universities. The quota seats cost approximately 3-4 times the normal fees. While the figure might not be static, it somewhat stays around that number.

It acts as financial aid for the institute to improve its infrastructure.

Management Quota also allows students to get into a college as their counterparts. It also reduces the financial problems that an institute might face. So, it’s a win-win situation for both ends. Since the seat allocation is in the hands of the college management, the entire process is called the ‘management quota’.

Management Quota in IP University
Management Quota in IP University

What’s The Procedure For Management Quota in IP University?

There is a pre-defined procedure to fill seats of management quota in IP University.

The procedure ensures transparency in the admission procedure. It also allows more deserving candidates to get admission to the college of their demand.

Management quota procedure is similar to regular counselling. It also allows the students to get a clear idea of their admission. Let’s have a look at the procedure to get admission in the management quota at IP University.

a. Advertising

Insitute must advertise about their management quota seat. As a result of the advertisement, all interested candidates can fill the form. It reduces the discrepancy in admission. It also allows the procedure to be transparent and fair. At least 18 days must be given to fill the application.

b. Prepare a rank list

After the applications are closed, the institute must prepare a merit list on basis of marks in the concerned examination. In addition, the institute must publish this merit list as per the total management quota seats available. The list must be out in public within 2 days of closing the form.

c. Counselling

After publishing the list, the institute must call the candidates for counselling for the course/branch. The counselling must not have more than two rounds. This counselling must be done within 3 days after publishing the merit list. Moreover, the institute must update the remaining available seats after every round of counselling. No admission can be taken 9 days after the regular admissions are over.

d. Ratification

After the admissions are done by the institute, they must report it to the designated officer. The officer will check the procedure followed and will approve the credibility of the procedure. After the approval, the institute can admit the students. Moreover, the admission remains provisional unless the officer ratifies the procedure of the institute.

How Many Seats For Management Quota in IP University?

There is a huge debate over the number of seats available through the management quota.

As per the GGSIPU Admission Brochure of 2021-22, the number stands at 10% of the total seats. It also clarifies that only unaided institutes can opt for management quota seats under GGSIPU.

Management Quota in IP University
Management Quota in IP University

What’s The Eligibility For Management Quota in IP University?

Most students think that being a student is the only eligibility for getting a management quota seat in GGSIPU. While the rumour mills gotta do what they gotta do, it doesn’t work like that.

One must pass some eligibility criteria to get the management quota seat.

The only criteria to apply to management quota seats in IPU is that you must have given and qualified for the qualifying exams. The qualifying exam, for some, is a national level test while for other courses is IPU CET. While your rank in these entrance tests wouldn’t be considered at the time of admission, appearing for these exams is a must.

Does IPU Main Campus Have Management Quota?

No, there is no provision for admission through management quota in GGSIPU’s main campus. It is only limited to private, self-financing colleges affiliated with GGSIPU.

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