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KVs unlikely to change medium of instruction: NEP 2020

As we all know about the new National Education Policy 2020, which mainly concentrates on the development of the creative potential of each individual, has been introduced. It leaves no child behind and bridges the digital divide.

The most ferocious debate currently…

It’s around the clause calling for the mother tongue or local language to be used as a medium of instruction “wherever apparent” at least till class 5, but preferably till class 8 and beyond that as well.

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Education policy announcement

KVs, which is directly controlled by the Education Ministry, is unlikely to change the medium of instruction which is laid down in this new Education Policy 2020.

Also, a senior official of Kendriya Vidyalyas said this proposal could not be implemented. He quoted “ideally, that is a fantastic idea, and academically that is very very correct. But unfortunately, in our country, that doesn’t happen.”

Education minister | Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank 

“It would be up to the state governments to decide on how this would be implemented in schools under their jurisdiction.Our goal is to connect 100% children with the education system till 12th, as the new education policy aims at fulfilling the vision of a new India”. Also, he added “there will a commission for higher education, under which UGC, AITC, and NCT will function, we have already started new things like online education, but the new curriculum will be developed by a new committee.”


Every coin has two sides, and the same is the situation here. Not many are against the New National Education Policy but not all are even conclusive of its pursuit in third world countries. It takes time to adapt to the tiniest alterations in the country and this Education Policy will also take its own momentum. 

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