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Creativity does not have an authoritative definition. However, most of us recognize creative acts. Ideas and arts. One such as being a writer.

If you’re interested in pursuing your career as a writer, Well firstly you should know that writing is all about imagination. What you can create and how you make the most of what you know. about how far your imagination can reach. There is no right and wrong in it in particular. It’s whatever you produce, design, and composes.

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If you’re in high school you should focus on your English as a base. Read as much as you can. Write regularly; short or long. Write whatever your mind tells you to. Practice only makes it better. And well if you think you’re going well, Share your thoughts. Share what you write. Start an online blog.

If you are sure about this. For higher education, you can pursue any degree but preferably most people choose to do major in English or journalism, or mass communication. There are many other options as well.

Start doing internships; content writing, creative writing, script writing anything. The much you anticipate, the better outcome will come out of it. Also, it won’t only help you gain experience, it will help you make a better resume.

Enroll in a writing course. Find a place where you can get honest and hard critics. Start journaling. Start creating. Go beyond words. Think deeper. Make your writing more conversational.

If you’re thinking to start up a novel, describe and know your characters and have a plot planned.

Well, there’s a saying ‘ write drunk, edit sober’. It helps. Write insane, whatever you think of, however you create it. But edit with a neat mind. Don’t change what you wrote but describe it better.

Well, that would be it. Just make sure your heart and soul are in it. Be good with you creativity, be detail-oriented and have a good judgment

Practice as much as you can “You only learn to be a better writer by actually writing”. give your best shot, it’s a great career opportunity.


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