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GGSIPU Migration Certificate: All You Need To Know About The Process


The GGSIPU migration certificate is one hard-earned document, that’s for sure.

Migration in terms of university standards means that a student is now studying in another university. The two main elements that might lead to someone migrating from one college to another for various reasons. While it might be due to some personal stuff in cases, in many it might even be the institution.

Many IP university students prefer shifting colleges due to reasons like proximity to their homes, hostels, or in some cases “because my friend is in that college” (no, we aren’t kidding). However, without any judgements, let’s find out what it takes to migrate from one college to another in IP University.

Whatever, the reason might be for shifting colleges, we know it can be one long process. So, keeping in mind all the document-carrying runs to the main campus, endless photocopies and more, here we are with the entire migration process in GGSIPU.


What Is The Procedure Of Migration In GGSIPU?

migration process GGSIPU

  • Under no circumstances a student /candidate who has compartment in any one paper of the 1st year or 1st or 2nd semester of the 1st year shall be permitted for migration.
  • No migration shall be allowed during the first year of studies except on extreme compassionate grounds, with the prior approval of Academic Council.
  • Mutual migration of the student(s) in the same programme/ discipline may be allowed when ‘No Objection’ is conveyed by both the Deans/Directors/Principals, concerned of the University School of Studies/respective institutions, as applicable.
  • Under genuine circumstances migration of the students from one institution to another institution and vice-versa or from one institution to another institution in the same programme/discipline may be allowed provided that the ‘No Objection Certificate’ is issued by the institution where he or she is studying in the previous semester and also vacancy exists in the institution where he or she is seeking migration. Such migration shall be allowed only with the prior approval of Vice-Chancellor.
  • In case of migration of the student from one affiliated institution to another institution, the fee structure shall remain unchanged.
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When To Get The NOC ? | GGSIPU Migration Certificate

migration process ggsipu

Getting an NOC from both the colleges is the most tedious and most important task for migration from different universities to GGSIPU. You must get the NOC from the college you want to migrate (GGSIPU) just after giving your 1st year exams [i.e. 2nd semester].

Good relations in college might speed up the work, but you might get the NOC from the college you want to migrate easily. Secondly, the most important part is getting the NOC from your own college.

So, here was all you had to know about the GGSIPU migration process. Let us know in the comments below, what else would you like us to explain.

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