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5 Interesting Facts About Rafale: India’s New Best Friend

Finally some good news during this state of pandemic! After a very crucial and controversial procedure, 5 Rafale fighter jets have now landed in India safely. Our Prime Minister welcomed its arrival at Ambala Airbase on July 29, 2020. The finest jet planes are India’s new best friends.

India now has one of the finest fighter jets in the world as it can accomplish many of its missions in a single take off. The fighter jets which India had previously were now outdated almost 2 years back. Henceforth, there was an urgent need for new technology especially in times of unrest between India-China borders. The aircraft is capable of carrying a range of weapons. 

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Rafale India


One of the first four

India is the fourth country, after Egypt, France, and Qatar, to boost its fleet with the Rafale fighter jets. Rafale is the second French fighter; Indian Air Force will have in its fleet. IAF already has ‘Mirage’ which is also French made.

Air-to-air refueling 

Rafale is capable of refueling another aircraft in buddy mode. Cool, right? The Rafale for IAF has been manufactured based on India Specific Enhancements (ISE).

Where to in a minute?  

Rafale is proficient at flying from 36 thousand feet to 50 thousand feet. Not only this, but it also reaches 50 thousand feet in just a minute! Very few aircraft are designed with so much efficiency.

Rafale – literal meaning     

We are sure that not many of you will be knowing that Rafale means ‘aandhi’ in Hindi or ‘gust of wind’. Well, our defense minister exuded confidence that the aircraft will live up to its name. Many IAF officers are being trained in France for flying, maintenance, and support logistics for handling Rafale. 


It has two engines that have the efficiency of carrying up to three 2000 liters of tanks on each of the wet points. The fighter jets have Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar with a range of 350km.

So, these were some of the very interesting facts that should be known.

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