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Delhites! Here’s news for you. Delhi’s lifeline “metro” is back on tracks in a graded manner from September 7 onward. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation(DMRC) has started its preparations to begin its rail service with all safety measures issued by the central government. 

delhi metro
Metro Guidelines

Here’s a 5 Point Guideline For You:

  • No tokens, thermal screening

At frisking points, passengers will undergo thermal screening and there will be no use of tokens. Only smart cards will be availed. New cards could be purchased with a debit/credit card or BharatQR code.

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  • Stoppage 

Trains will only stop for 30 seconds on every station to ensure social distancing. But trains will not stop at stations falling in the containment zone. Such stations will be remained shut for the general public. Also, stations would be skipped if social distancing will not be maintained.

  • Prohibition

Passengers will not be allowed to carry hand sanitizer which is above 30ml. The public is advised to carry only pocket-sized sanitizers. It is advisable to carry less luggage and avoid metal objects.

  • Operation Stages

Metro will run in two installments for four hours each, ie. from 7-11 AM and 4-8 PM. On 7th September only the yellow line will be in operation. Blue and pink line on September 9 and Red, Green, and Violet line on September 10.

  • Sitting arrangement

Alternative seats will be vacant and a distance of one meter has to be maintained between every person. There will be stickers on every alternative seat.

DMRC’s announcement comes after the union home ministry declared the Unlock 4.0 phase and allowed resumption of metro. The Delhi metro will be really fruitful for many people who use to commute by metros only. But it will also pose some really serious safety virus safety challenges for the public. As we all know, the cases are again on hike in Delhi. So make sure to read all the guidelines and keep all precautions at all cause.

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