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Delhi Metro Resumes its Limited Services

delhi metro

Delhi Metro and metro in other cities across India started on 7th September nearly after six months. The Metro services were closed after the first country-wide COVID-19 lockdown was announced in March. It was done to decrease the spread of the infection. Delhi without metro is like momos without red chutney. If you were able to venture out, Delhi felt very different without metros running around. The service has been resumed but with many precautions.

Limitations of Delhi Metro

The Delhi Metro started today with the limited operation of the Yellow Line. The services resumed at 7 am with strict safety and social distancing measures in place. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal took to Twitter and said, while he is “happy that the Metro is starting from today and “good arrangements” have been made, the Chief Minister put in a word of caution and said, “We all should not be negligent in taking precautions”.



The Home Ministry had recently issued guidelines allowing Metro services in the country to resume operations in a graded manner. To ensure contactless travel in Metro following guidelines have been issued-

  1. Tokens are not being issued. Only smart cards are allowed, which can be recharged through digital payment methods.
  2. Wearing masks are mandatory inside the stations and coaches.
  3. To maintain strict social distance, the commuters will have to sit on alternate seats. The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has put posters to mark seats where commuters can’t sit.
  4. According to the new rules, only three people are allowed at a time in a lift and commuters will have to maintain a one-step gap on escalators.
  5. The stoppage time of trains on at stations has also been increased to ensure social distancing between travelers while boarding and de-boarding trains.
  6. There will be no stoppage at containment zones.

Smooth Functioning

About 7,500 passengers availed the services between 7 AM and 11 AM. “DMRC got complete cooperation from its commuters who availed the services for the first time in 169 days with all new norms of Metro travel in place owing to the ongoing pandemic. DMRC will also take all possible measures to ensure that services are smooth in the evening four hours (from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM) as well (sic),” it added.

In correlation to this CM of Delhi tweeted in Hindi, “I am happy that Delhi Metro services resume today. Metro has made good arrangements. We should not be careless in taking precautions.”


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