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Arthonics: Show What You’ve Got


Many students want the platform to showcase their skills. Be it their general knowledge or their ability to write, they need a platform to shine. If you are one of them, ARSD is here with something interesting. EKONOMIKO, The Economics Society of ARSD is conducting Arthonics 2021, an event to cater to the best talent across colleges. the event will take place on 29th October 2021.

The event will consist of three major events, namely, Wizard of Wits, Ecognition, and a Guest speaker talk. The events are meant to test your creative skills and also a chance for you to learn something. With students competing across colleges, Arthonics provides a perfect platform to go and test your skills. Now that you know what the buzz is about, let’s see what’s in store for you.

Register for Arthonics by clicking here.

1.  Ecognition

It is the article writing competition to be held under Arthonics’21. The participants have to write an article on the topics given by the organizing team. You can participate individually or in a team of two. The topics of the article writing are as follows:-

1 The Sri Lankan economy crisis and the role Covid-19 gets to play in it.
2. Economic and trade impacts of China suppressing power in the South China Sea
3. Why do Nations that fail women subsequently fail?
4. Can vaccination drive boost the Indian economy?
5. Efficacy of Lebanon’s financial crisis of the world economy.

You can write about any of these and get your chance to win this event. You can find all other details in the link given above.

2. Wizard of Wits

Wizard of Wits is a quiz competition to test your knowledge of the world. Allowed with a team of 2 or 1, you will get a chance to answer some of the most interesting questions and show how geeky you can be. It is the time that your geeky nature strikes and puts you ahead, shining. Spread across 2 rounds, the event is meant to provide the best possible experience for the quizzes out there. So what are you waiting for?

3. Guest Speaker Session

If you think that this was it, surprise surprise! Arthonics also have a guest speaker session in store for you. The session will be on the topic “Privatisation and the future of India”, and like other events, take place on Google meet only. So register now to be a part of this fun and enriching conversation.

Now that you know all about Arthonics, register now to be a part of an experience.

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