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2.5 Lakh Students Took Part In Aryabhata Ganit Challenge 2020

More than 2.5 Lakh students participated in the Aryabhata Ganit Challenge (AGC) 2020 quiz organised by the Central Board of Secondary (CBSE) and the Ministry of Education for school students.

The quiz was hosted on the government mobile application, DIKHSA, and was available from November 12 to 25.

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To access the challenge, students were required to take the Aryabhata Ganit Challenge-2020 course on the application. They were provided with reading material, and fun activities to help them prepare for real-life context problems. They were also given some material related to mathematician, Srinivasan Ramanujam.

There were four stages of the quiz-

  • Introduction to Aryabhata Ganit Challenge 2020 course

  • Fun and engaging video on Algebra, and reading material on Aryabhata

  • Using the Aryabhata ganit practice set, and practice for the quiz

  • Aryabhata Ganit Challenge- 2020

The Ministry congratulated the participants on social media saying: “Heartiest congratulations to all the participants of Aryabhata Ganit Challenge (AGC) 2020. Glad to share that over 2.5 Lakhs students participated in the quiz with full zeal and enthusiasm. Good job, students!”.

AGC is an annual quiz challenge which was initiated by the Board to enhance mathematical abilities among students in the year 2019. Students from classes 8 to 10 irrespective of the board are eligible to participate in this challenge.

Students can engage with a fun video on Algebra and reading material on Srinivas Ramanujan, one of India’s greatest Mathematicians.

Additionally, students can attempt the Aryabhata Ganit Practice set to build some confidence in answering real-life context problems before attempting the AGC-2020.

Participation certificates will be issued online after fourteen days on the DIKSHA platform itself upon 100 per cent completion of the course. Students should have the latest version of DIKSHA App, or access to the DIKSHA website to receive certificates.

The board has asked its schools to ensure participation of students in the AGC as per the schedule.

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