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Education an essential activity; Ignorance comes with implications

Ever since the schools and colleges have been closed, we all have been stuck at home, snuggled in our comfortable beds. For the outgoing people, this has been a complete nightmare but for the introverts, it all has been an absolute dream come true. While the ways of spending our leisure may be different from person to person, one thing that has been common in all the students is that this pandemic has come out as a big hurdle in the education and the learning process. Our priorities have shifted completely since March.

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All of us had to go through such sudden changes due to COVID that we have not been able to completely inculcate this unexpected switch in lifestyle in our daily lives even to this day. In many students, the sincerity of attending online classes is lessening everyday. For some, the mere act of flipping through a few pages of a book seems like a huge task. While this may feel like too much to deal with and the idea of just giving in to the calling of our warm blankets to sleep the whole winter away seems very appealing right now, but this will only complicate things in the future.

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Education an Essential Activity-

With exams looming so close to our heads, one cannot afford any ignorance regarding their study schedule. Keeping all the books piled up is only going to put an unnecessary burden in an already stressful time during exams. Moreover, one of the main reasons why the students must maintain a constant habit of studying everyday is because while this pandemic may feel like never-ending but it is surely temporary. So, sudden reopening of the education institutions after the end of the pandemic will demand another lifestyle change from all of us, putting more stress on our physical and mental health. That is why, it is better to maintain a routine so that the learning process is not further affected.

Aristotle once said that the roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.

So, just hold on tight and take one day at a time.

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