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ATTENDIT: An Interactive ERP System For Colleges/Universities

AttendIT is a College Management ERP Application which aims at facilitating the teachers as well as the students with a common platform, founded by a student of Maharaja Surajmal Institute, Karan Sharma (Founder and CEO). It consists of educational services such as maintaining a record of all the assessments, marks, and attendance, it also provides students with notes and practice question papers. To keep the users updated, it also provides them with a separate News Bulletin for all the upcoming events in the institution.

Why AttendIt?

They have designed the whole concept based on the needs of the students, teachers, and institutions as a step towards an eco-friendly and paperless campus. Our platform will help you by bringing comfort and clarity for the students as well as the teachers.

AttendIt is an eco-friendly digital platform as every activity here aims to reduce paper usage while monitoring and recording the students’ performance during an academic year. The aim to eliminate all the chaos of handling paperwork and tracking students’ performance faced by educational institutions, the faculty, and students in the educational sector.

Our Motto

Our Values:-

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Innovation
  • Commitment
  • Clarity
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Our Services:-


The traditional way of recording attendance is with the use of a pen and paper whereas AttendIt provides the teachers with a portal where they can mark as well as calculate the total attendance percentage of the students with a click and minimal effort. They just have to mark every day’s attendance and they’ll get the total attendance percentage in a spreadsheet at the end of each month. The students can track their attendance through the app.


The Assignment Portal is a platform where the teachers can put up the assignments to be done by the student and the student can then upload the completed document/assignment for assessment, on the portal itself. This portal will provide the teachers with facilities to assess the students’ assignments. The teachers can put up the particular keywords that need to be there in the answers and the assessment can automatically be done by the software or if the teacher wishes to do it by itself, they can do that as well. The marks that are awarded by the teachers will be reflected in the students’ portal.


The students can access and download notes and previous years’ question papers for practicing, absolutely free of cost. This would save the students’ time as they won’t have to look for notes and practice question papers over innumerable websites. AttendIt would serve as a one-stop solution for all the students’ requirements.


This portal provides the teachers with a platform where they can put up the students’ marks which are awarded to them for all their internal assessments. The students get a complete report of their assessment in a graphical and statistical form, where they can analyze their performance and try to improve their grades through end term examinations.


This portal is similar to the Internal Assessment Portal, the only difference being that the end term results are not declared by the faculty but are declared by the university. The teachers and students can access the portal and look for the desired results as and when required. The students can get a complete report of their assessment through each semester/term in a graphical and statistical form, where they can analyze their performance.


AttendIt provides a platform for all the news and updates across the institutions. All the users can access this portal and get updated about any class events, competitions, or tournaments happening in and around the campus. The hustle of rushing to the notice board or checking it time and again for information ends here.

What’s in it for you?

Ambassadors will acquire:
1) Teamwork and Technical Skills.
2) Marketing and Social Media Marketing Skills.
3) Ambassador Certificate and LOR
4) An opportunity to work for ATTENDIT.
And much more

Apply for ATTENDIT Ambassador Program HERE

So what are you thinking? Join them now and make every student’s life better and simple!

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